FAD-Photo Services

We provide aerial drone photo and video services and specialize in unique one-time services tailored to your needs. We can capture any angle between horizontal and vertical, any altitude up to 400 feet, and any speed up to 45 mph. We can also do orthomosaic mapping and time-lapse videography. Our drones are GPS stabilized and run on preprogrammed routes (linear, curved, and circular) for optimum stability and repeatability. Our drone photo services are ideal for use in online and printed publications.

How many photos or how much video do you want per in-flight session? We have no limit, other than the battery’s flight time. We’ll take as many photos and videos as you request and deliver them at the end of the flight session. Do you want 20 minutes of HD video for your in-flight session? How about 100 or more photos? No problem. (Same goes for our land sessions.)

Our Orthomosaic Mapping services provide full-color high-resolution 2D maps, digital elevation models, 3D models, and point clouds. This is exciting technology and our DJI Professional drones are the ideal platforms. For land features and topographical maps, best results are attained during the cooler months when the leaves are down. Call or e-mail for pricing.

We include adjusting your photos for brightness, contrast, color balance, etc. using our high-end image processing software. In addition, you may want to consider our post-processing services that include client-specified editing and finished video package(s). We can digitally “zoom in,” crop, animate stills, adjust colors, and remove shake and vibration. Delivery is instant via download using our cloud service.

What to Expect When You Work with Us

Here’s a list of what typically happens in a drone photo shoot. You have as much or as little input as you desire in the actual execution of the photo shoot. We work hard to make it easy for you to get the aerial photography you need with a minimum of effort on your part.

  • The Client provides a description of the shoot requirements.
  • We agree on an appointment; deposit is due.
  • We meet on-site and walk through the task.
  • We execute the project, working proactively with the Client.
  • Your project files are delivered onsite or via our cloud service.
  • Upon acceptance, your balance is calculated and payment is due.
  • Upon payment, copyright is transferred to you. We perform our services as a “Work for Hire”.
  • Post-processing services are available if desired.
  • Our drone photography services are far less expensive than a helicopter charter and provide better results.
  • We serve Central Virginia, including Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, and King George County.

Where to Use Drone Photography

The sky’s the limit, when it comes to drone usage for photography. Here are a few thought starters to consider how drones can effectively be used. Of note, we can program just about any flight profile around your subject. Do you need your video clip to track a moving subject? Our professional software does this.

  • For real estate sales, such as supplementing the selling agent’s listing portfolio, e.g. MLS, Zillow, etc.
  • Roof surveys, such as for a contractor’s cost estimate.
  • Photo or video documentation of property damage, such as for insurance claims.
  • Documentation of landscape, trees, etc. such as for developers, HOA’s, etc.
  • Documentation of property damage (wind, fire, hail, vehicle accidents, etc.), such as for insurance claims.

Real Estate Property Uses, both Residential and Commercial

Real estate agents are using drone photography to help luxury properties stand out, and now even more moderately-priced sellers are requesting these specialized services as part of their listing.

  • Real estate agent marketing collateral.
  • Photography of residential or commercial properties, undeveloped lots, or large tracts of land.
  • Precision mapping services, including ultra-high resolution georeferenced 2D & 3D imaging.
  • Videography of property lines and areas of interest.
  • Photography for home inspections.
  • Photo documentation of property lines; supplemental photography for surveys.
  • Development visioning, master planning, breaking ground, and progress.
Beautiful aerial photo of Fawn Lake and the Fawn Lake Clubhouse

Aerial Drone Photography Project in Spotsylvania, VA

Other Aerial Drone Photography Services

Drone photography has more applications than just the real estate market. Many business sectors like the low cost and affordable prices that drones can be contracted for their aerial photography needs.

  • Antenna inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Power line/pipeline inspections
  • Monitoring land erosion and landscape changes over time
  • Crop monitoring/inspection
  • Research and development
  • Educational/academic
  • Aiding rescue operations
  • Artistic: We can help you get that shot that you’ve had in mind

Aerial Photography of People and Events

Who doesn’t want to get the “star” treatment at their special event? Aerial drone photography and videography are not just for the stars anymore. With affordable pricing and compact drone equipment, even backyard events and weddings can get the “star” treatment with drone photo documentation of the big day.  Consider hiring our drone photography services for:

  • Celebrations
  • Reunions
  • Parties

Remember the airborne drone cannot be flown over people and its noise may be a minor distraction. Because our drones record video at up to C4K, we can provide significantly greater stand-off distance and less distraction, and still deliver digitally “zoomed in” videos in 1080P resolution.

Additional Services

  • Let me create your Facebook photo album and YouTube videos.
  • Certified reports, such as for legal evidence.
  • Land photography and videography.
  • Interior photography.  For example, real estate property portfolios.
  • Stabilized (glide) land videos, ideal for sporting events, real estate portfolios, etc.

Operating Hours

  • We fly during daylight hours, Monday through Saturday.
  • Sunday hours are available by appointment.
  • Call Mike at 540-693-0377 or contact us through FAD-Photo.com for an appointment.

Flight Requirements

We fly according to FAA regulations and based on our operating drone specifications.

  • We provide outdoor flights only; daylight hours only; and for best results when visibility is greater than 3 miles.
  • We fly a maximum altitude above ground level of 400 feet; our drones cannot be operated directly over people.
  • We can operate within 400 feet of structures that are higher than 400 feet above ground level.
  • Weather conditions for shoots: no rain; temperature of 32 to 100° F; and for best results wind speed less than 10 mph.
  • We will (try to) get airport and heliport permission, which is required for operations inside the FAA’s No Flight Zones.
  • The drone must be visible to the drone pilot and visual observer at all times during a shoot.
  • Drone flight time is approx. 20 minutes, which is the typical battery capacity. We carry multiple batteries for longer shoots.
  • Our equipment cannot enter No Flight Zones, such as around Washington, DC.
  • We cannot fly near EMI/RFI sources or barriers that affect the drone’s navigation.

Our Drone Equipment and Software

We’ve invested heavily in our equipment and software so you don’t need to. This assures that you get great photos and super-smooth videos.

DJI Professional Drones (Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro V2), 3-Axis Stabilized

  • Aerial photos – 20 MP photos (5472×3648 pixels), raw and jpg formats
  • Aerial videos – Up to Cinema 4k videos (4096×2160 pixels) and 1080p; mp4 and mov formats
  • (1080p video resolution satisfies most requirements)

Land photo/video: Nikon D7500 DSLR and Glide-stabilized Osmo/Samsung Galaxy S20+

  • Land photos – 21 MP photos (5568×3712 pixels), raw and jpg formats
  • Land videos – Ultra High Definition 4k videos (3840×2160 pixels) and 1080p; mp4 and mov formats

Ready to Get Started?

It’s easy to schedule your aerial drone photography appointment. Just call Mike at 540-693-0377 or contact us through the FAD-Photo.com website contact form for an appointment. We’ll get back with you in less than 24 hours. We’re glad to give price quotes by phone.