You’ll find our prices for drone photography and videography are affordable, competitively priced, and the quality an excellent value. No worries about compliance with government laws and commercial insurance – we’ve taken care of all that for you. Our drone pilot is FAA certified and we carry liability insurance. Have peace of mind that you will receive professional service and great drone photography and videography.

How many photos or how much video do you want per in-flight session? We have no limit, other than the battery’s flight time. We’ll take as many photos and videos as you request and deliver them at the end of the flight session by direct download or on a USB thumb drive. Do you want 18 minutes of HD video for your in-flight session? How about 100 or more photos? No problem. (Same goes for our land sessions.)

You may want to consider our post-processing services. Your photos and videos will be adjusted for brightness, contrast, color balance, etc. using our high-end image processing software. In addition, your videos will go through an advanced stabilization “filter” that reduces shake and vibration. Delivery is instant via thumb drive or same-day download via our cloud service.

Aerial Drone Photography and Videography

• Basic drone shoot: 18-20 minutes in-flight session $120
• Drone shoot in an FAA Restricted Flight Zone, where allowed $240
• Additional 18-20 minute in-flight sessions, each $60
• Additional land photography, 60-minute session $60
• Unprocessed photos and videos delivered onsite or via our cloud service included
• Service location within 40-minute driving distance of FADP office included
• Additional 30-minute driving time (one way) $30
• Plan/execute off-road aerial drone session, per hour $45

Land Photography and Videography (no drone services)

• 60-minute session, or portion thereof $120
• Additional 60-minute sessions – or with a drone service $60
• Unprocessed photos and videos downloaded to client onsite included
• Service location within 40-minute driving distance of FADP office included
• Additional 30-minute driving time (one way) $30
• Plan/execute off-road photo session, per hour $45


• Deliver up to 15 still photo files, adjusted for brightness, contrast, and color $30
• Video production package, approx. 60-120 seconds of edited video $120
    (Includes intro, video clip(s), stabilization, photos, and credits)
    Client-specified audio track, up to 120 seconds, cost plus labor, per hour Cost + $60
• Additional client-specified photo and video editing, per hour $60
• Orthomosaic Mapping services Call
    (Post-production photos, videos and map products delivered via our cloud service)

Hourly Rates

Our hourly rate for photography and post-production is $60.
Drone flight time is $120 per hour.
(Why $120 per hour?  To cover FAA licensing, drone acquisitions, operating costs, insurance, pre-flight planning, etc.)

Instant File Downloads

We use a cloud service to deliver your post-production photo and video files. You won’t need to set up an account. We upload your files and send you a link so all you need to do is click on the download button to receive them.

For more information, please read our blog (click here).

Other Services

Need prints or frames? Our prices are very reasonable for any size hard copies from 4×6 to 16×20.

Need assistance posting to YouTube or FaceBook? No problem! (Our hourly post-production rate applies.)

Ready to Get Started?

It’s easy to schedule your aerial drone photography appointment. Just call Mike at 540-693-0377 or contact us through the website contact form for an appointment. We’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours. We’re glad to give price quotes by phone.


  1. Our prices are subject to change.
  2. Operations in FAA Flight Restricted Zones involve significant coordination with the airport and drone manufacturer. We cannot guarantee permission will be received and, if received, that the cost will be within our margin of $120.