We provide aerial mapping services for high-resolution digital maps of properties from less than one acre to hundreds of acres. We program our aerial drones to take overhead pictures at precise positions where their GPS-based location is embedded into each picture. Our mapping service can take hundreds of pictures – even thousands – and generate 2-dimensional maps, 3-dimensional maps, elevation maps, and point clouds. Our typical resolution is 2 to 3 cm per pixel, which is plenty good for zooming in on small objects. For example, a feature 2-feet wide will have an image width of 20-30 pixels.

We’re very good at photographing and delivering precision map products. As described below, several of these deliverables require specialized software to take full advantage of 3-D mapping. (We will point you to several viewers, available on the Internet.) Our cartography services will meet most basic needs, but are not certified by a professional land surveyor.

High-Resolution Orthomosaic Photogrammetry Maps

Hi-gh resolution digital map
High-Resolution Orthomosaic Map

Our more advanced mapping products, known as Orthomosaic Photogrammetry Maps, are geared toward land developers who have the high-powered software that processes these products. These digital maps, when used with specialized software, display position and elevation information for every pixel. We can also deliver topographical maps with contours at whatever interval you may require. We can also deliver 3D models and point clouds.

For example, this orthomosaic map was developed from 56 images covering 8 acres. Its associated digital elevation model (below) represents elevation with colors from blue to red (just about any color scheme is available). Its associated 3D Model can be manipulated on screen to any viewing angle – you can rotate and tilt the model. Its associated 3D Point Cloud is next to it. Point clouds are particularly exciting because the 3D model can be manipulated so you can see (to a certain extent) under the trees!

We take our orthomosaic photogrammetry maps to the next level with post-processing techniques that manipulate map data to get topographical (elevation contour) maps and overlay these contours onto their associated 2D photomaps. An example appears on our portfolio page.

For more information, please read our June 2020 and January 2021 blogs.

Photographic Maps

In addition to orthomosaic photogrammetry maps, we also provide overhead photographic maps (photomaps), similar to popular Earth maps but at a much greater resolution. We use a similar aerial drone photo collection technique to take the overhead pictures, then use our panorama software to stitch together the images into a composite 2-dimensional map. This service is less expensive, and it doesn’t come with position and elevation information. However, this type of map is ideal for landowners and real estate agents who don’t need photogrammetry mapping. For example, the 40-acre cornfield below is a composite of 326 images and was reduced from a full-size map image of 276 megapixels. Features like small animals (if present) will show up quite well on maps like this.

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Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model

3D Model Map

3D Model

3D Point Cloud

3D Point Cloud

Composite Map of 40-acre Cornfield

Photomap of a 40-acre Cornfield