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Welcome to FAD-Photo! We provide precision aerial photography and 3D mapping services in the Fredericksburg area, including Spotsylvania, King George, Culpeper, Orange, and Stafford. We preprogram our DJI professional drone video sessions for smooth, repeatable flights. Also, we use our own proprietary software to determine the exact flight parameters for drone photography. We love to fly and we're expert at media capture as well as post-processing. You'll find our prices affordable and the quality of our photography, videography, and mapping products an excellent value. We specialize in custom drone services that have been featured locally and nationally. Our clients include industrial, commercial, real estate, land development, sporting event, and historical documentation. Call or send us an e-mail to discuss your project and make an appointment for our services.

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Our drone photography services are professional, affordable, and priced competitively. We accept company checks and most credit cards for payment. We strive for 100 percent satisfaction with every customer and appreciate feedback about our service.

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Comprehensive Services

Photos and videos from any angle, any altitude up to 400 feet, and any speed up to 35 mph. Do you need post-production processing? Ask about our additional services that touch up and stabilize your photos and videos.

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FAA Licensed and Insured

Unlike other drone photography firms, our drone pilots are FAA-certified and insured for your peace of mind. Make certain that the service you use is FAA-certified and insured before you make your commitment. Find out why now.

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Interested in aerial drone video and photography? Read our recent blog posts and be in the know. We're ranked #16 in the Top 30 "Drone Photography Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020" by Feedspot.

Angry Birds That Attack Aerial Drones

Birds of prey are fascinating to watch until they set their sights on your aerial drone. Attacks on drones have been widely reported but probably haven’t been a concern to you, as a drone pilot, unless you’ve fallen victim to one. We recently had our own bad experience with a bird taking down our drone […]

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Flying over People and Flying at Night

The FAA published its final rule on April 21, 2021 regarding aerial drones flying over people and flying at night. It’s posted to the FAA’s website at:  Operations Over People General Overview. This blog summarizes their new rule, but there are significant details left out for brevity. If you intend to fly over people or […]

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Remote Identification of Aerial Drones, Part 2

The aerial drone community is more abuzz than usual with the new FAA rule on UAS Remote Identification. The final rule was published in the Federal Register on March 10 and becomes effective on April 21, 2021. This article updates our July 20, 2020 blog on Remote ID. Compliance deadlines: September 16, 2022 for manufacturers […]

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